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Lindsay J. Warner-Westley

Writer | Editor | Copywriter

I write about travel, food, outdoor adventures and art & design from Burlington, Vermont.

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National Geographic

Sights and Bites: What to Eat While Touring Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sights and Bites: What to Eat While Touring Belfast...

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National Geographic

Sights and Bites: What to Eat While Touring London, England -- National Geographic Travel

With a cultural map in one hand and a culinary compass in the other, savor the treasured sights, then seek the nearby local bites in London, England....

Burlington bike path lake champlain 590 article
National Geographic

I Heart My City: Lindsay’s Burlington

One visit to Burlington was enough to convince freelance journalist Lindsay Westley to trade Philadelphia’s skyscrapers and traffic for the mountains and lakes that typify Vermont’s largest c…...

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The Washington Post

The Impulsive Traveler: A dog-sledding adventure in Maine

A weekend in the Maine wilderness fulfills a dog-sledding novice’s Iditarod dreams....

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Dwell Magazine

Modern Meets Traditional in a Swedish Summer House

On an 18th-century farmstead in rural Sweden, two Copenhagen designers handcraft a summerhouse that seamlessly melds the modern and the traditional....

Img 40191374087302 article
The Washington Post

A bike tour of Vermont’s Lake Champlain Islands

Even in a rainy summer, a bike round around Vermont’s Champlain Islands yields lots of pleasures....

Shenandoah national park autumn road.ngsversion.1456842547719 article
National Geographic

National Parks Road Trip: East Coast | National Geographic Travel

Explore three national parks with one epic road trip....

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Jeremy Moon's Shirt Don't Stink | Outdoor Industry Association

Jeremy Moon, the founder of Icebreaker, was a few hours into a sea-kayaking trip in 1994 when he realized he had a problem. “By the end of the first day, I was beginning to feel clammy,” he says. “We were all wearing synthetics, and by the end of the trip, my friends and I all smelled completely rank. And I thought, ‘well, that was amazing, but it would be cool if we didn’t all have to smell like dogs by the end of it.’”

Flavors For After Midnight | Ben and Jerry's

The scoop on the best flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to eat after the clock strikes 12...

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Eating Well

How to Eat Like an Olympian

For 17 days in August, all eyes will be on Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics as 10,500 athletes from 206 countries compete to bring home the gold. While you may not be lining up next to triathlete Sarah Groff True or hurdler David Oliver, you can still get inspired to get your game-face on this summer. These 5 Olympians share their nutrition tips to help you fuel up right.

Chain lube 0 article

Fix Five Common Bike Repairs

... only to hear that your problem is user error. Mechanics face these five customer woes all the time. Here's how to solve them yourself.—Lindsay J. Westley....

Escape article
The Washington Post

Escapes: A tour of western Pennsylvania’s Amish country

In New Wilmington, a small town in Western Pennsylvania, Amish traditions and gentle country ways prevail....

Eating Well

Gold Rush! California Olive Oil

Strict labeling laws and exceptional olives make California's extra-virgin olive oil one to reach for.

Long trail 6 article

New Bridge Finally Opens Vermont's Long Trail End-to-End - Backpacker

After more than 100 years, a new 224-foot suspension finally spans a longtime gap in Vermont’s Long Trail....

11 Ways to Hide Your Pint from Your Roommate | Ben and Jerry's

Save your Ben & Jerry's from your pint-pillaging roommate!