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Lindsay J. Warner-Westley

Writer | Editor | Copywriter

I write about travel, food, outdoor adventures and art & design from Burlington, Vermont.

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Leopard pony in field article
The Horse

How Your Horse Got His Color (And Why You Should Care)

A horse's coat color genetics are important not just for aesthetic reasons; they can also have health implications....

Horse in blanket in snowy pasture article
The Horse

Blanketing Basics

Take these tips into account when deciding how (or if) to blanket your horse this winter....

Unloading horse from trailer article
The Horse

Relocating a Horse

Whether you're heading south for a winter show circuit or relocating permanently, preparation is key....

Ultrasounding mare article
The Horse

Breeding Soundness Exams for Him and Her

Both the stallion and mare must be in good health and fertility before you even attempt to produce a foal....

Picking out snow from hooves article
The Horse

Winter Hoof Care: It's a Team Effort

Keep your horse sound and moving safely this winter with these smart hoof care practices....